The Studio


After working from a make-shift studio built around a shelving unit for many years, I finally had my dream studio built in 2012.

AT4040 Mic, Adobe Audition editing software, Soundcraft Notepad 124 Mixer, professionally sound treated vocal booth from

My studio has its own dedicated wifi and is connected to the internet via ethernet and high speed fibre optic broadband. So, a super FAST and RELIABLE connection! You can direct, record or listen in on recording sessions live via Source Connect Standard, Skype, Zoom, Cleanfeed, Riverside FM, Source Connect Now or even good ole phone patch. 

Having said all of this. Talking to myself in a small padded room can drive a girl crazy. I’m an hour from London and love to work with people face mask to face mask. And so please let me know if you would like me to come to you.Standard